ecommerse overview

An Overview of E-Commerce Platforms

Shopify (98%)


App store and features

“The best thing is that you don’t need a developer to add features… there’s a ton of apps available.” | “Their partner ecosystem is best.” | “Shopify has any feature under the sun — if you think you need it, someone already created an app.” | “Access to Shopify Apps is great.” | “There’s heaps of third-party apps you can integrate easily that I believe are essential to growing a business.” | “So many third-party apps, templates that other platforms aren’t popular enough to have.” | “There are many apps that can help with customization issues.” | “There are a ton of great third-party apps for extended functionality.”

Ease of use

“Easy to set up without having specific skills.” | “Intuitive user interface.” | “Simple to use.” | “It is very easy to start selling online.” | “Easy UI, pretty intuitive.” | “The interface is excellent for managing e-commerce.” | “It’s really clean and easy to manage.” | “Shopify provides a very straightforward way to add products, edit options and to apply different themes.” | “More than anything, very simple.” | “It’s simple and intuitive.” | “Very user-friendly.” | “Super user-friendly for non-computer guys like myself.” | “The back end is exceptional.”

GoDaddy (83%)


Ease of use

“It is easy to set up.” | “Easy to maintain.” | “Fairly user-friendly.” | “They really made everything so simple to make extremely intuitive changes quickly.” | “It’s easy to work with.” | “I would recommend it for a new user because of the ease of use in building a store.” | “Easy to use and have had no issues.”



“There are design limitations, though.” | “It is lacking in several business customization respects.” | “I wish there was a little more customization allowed.” | “There are some design limitations unless you know HTML.” | “Product is good but has many limitations.” | “I like it, but it does have limitations.” | “It has some limitations, but I have been able to work around them.” | “It does have its limitations on customizing, though.”

Credit-card processor options

“It would be better if it allowed shoppers to use a credit card to place an order, even if we don’t use their approved credit-card processor.” | “We were happy with them for years, and then out of the blue, the payment processors affiliated with GoDaddy dropped us.” | “We will be switching all of our stores from GoDaddy in the near future because it does not allow you to use the merchant service of your choice. You are forced to use Stripe.”

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