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MongoDB : Games Data

Task 1: MongoDB : Game Data 1. Create a database named <> and a collection named <> and insert the above data. 2. What is Map-Reduce? Explain the working of map-reduce with an example 3. Write a reduce function that calculates the total score for each player with the publisher name and count the number […]

Report : Computer and crime

Technology and its Legal, Social and Ethical Context Computer and crime A computer is an electronic programmable machine where the actual machinery is hardware and the instructions and data are software. In this era computer is used for different purposes depending on one’s needs and wants. With the increasing number of computer users’ crimes involved by the […]

A self-reflective essay on the skills learned during the course of your STW 201CS- Effective Communication Skills program. Include any strengths, weaknesses, and personal areas of development.

In this reflective essay as a template for this assignment I am using Gibbs Reflective Cycle. Every person interaction varies how they interact with other people. This is a expressing adverse reflection on importance of self-awareness and personal development. In other term it is a detail inspection from their own behaviors of one’s outlook on […]

Designing and Developing Object-Oriented Computer Programs : Language Trainer

IntroductionThe mind is like any part of the body – it needs exercise to stay healthy. There are manycognitive training regimes that exist for that, but one of the most effective for memory isthe game known as ‘concentration’. In this game, fifty-two cards are laid face down on atable. Each player takes a turn flipping […]