Creation of Website and Staff Training for Theme Park

You are an independent IT consultant. You have been asked to build a website for a
theme park based in the UK. The theme park has a number of rollercoasters and other
rides for members of the public to enjoy. The theme park has a range of theatres that put
on shows during the day, for example a car stunt show, and a puppet show for children.
The company has decided that they need to create a new website to attract new
customers to the theme park.
The website should allow customers to perform the following tasks:
• View information about the theme park e.g. a map of the park, videos of the rides
• View opening times and prices
• Purchase tickets for a specific date and make payments securely online
• Arrange to collect tickets from the park, or have them posted at an additional cost
• View and enter a monthly puzzle competition to win tickets to the park
• Register their details so that a monthly email can be sent to them giving information
about new attractions, competitions, etc
• View information about other local attractions and links to nearby accommodation
The project will require the creation of a new website. The theme park would like their four
office staff members to receive training on how to operate, update and maintain the
The theme park has allocated a budget of £40 000 for the project. The problem that you
must solve is how you will spend the money to get the best results, with the aim of having
a website which is capable of meeting the above stated requirements. In addition, the
office staff must be fully trained and competent in using the website.
The senior management has requested a detailed report on your plans before they make
the funds available. This should include any assumptions you have made.


My name is Roshan Oscar Sah. I have also been an IT consultant. As I see there is requirement of web design and development, of theme park. The theme park is globally popular park which is located in London. The purpose of building this new website is to attract the viewers who like to have fun. Website can actually make easy to know details about theme park by staying at home and also have their inquiry solved. So, I have planned to make your website.

 The theme park has high range of theaters which is available during day. I think of adding 3D maps so viewer can see park in 3D and this integration to website can boost website traffic. There will be lots of videos and photograph of rides, instruction and safety measures. The site will have opening time and closing time with real time integration and live traffic and also people can book online ticket. As per requirement says there will also be monthly puzzle competition.

Company wants a design and development of website in which it can have easy access to information to the costumer. Costumer will have all sort of benefits and rewards like legit price which they can directly book or buy from website and monthly puzzle competition.

Budget of £40 000 is mentioned to build this website. Training of four office staff is also included. The office staff should be able to operate, update and maintain the website. I would like to use mentioned budget wisely to meet every requirement of this website.  

Task 1

1.    Plan

Plan is to develop and design a website inside the given budget. I have planned the selection criteria of creating a beautiful web page with dedicated hosting services. Name the domain name as same as the name of theme park for easy search engine and also make the user interface smooth and clean. Since the budget for this project is €40,000 to finish all the tasks I will have to utilize all my skills for that selection of criteria. Website should have all the required contents with privacy and securities. Lastly we should teach their 4 staff to maintain website.

a.     Problem definition:

The website will have online ticket system. In which people or visitor will have two option either to buy ticket form theme park or buy it in website from home. The website will have variety of contents about theme park like videos of joy rides, how it’s operated, opening and closing time and also include the maps. Online payment in this website will be secure like other e-commerce website. Park will have all sorts of joy rides and theaters with different shows like car stunt show and puppet show for children.

Visitor will get more information about theme park and also local attraction. First day of every month there will be held monthly puzzle competition in which user have to login, if not sign up for competition. Website will be designed and developed well in time and as well as the training the four staff of theme park to operate and maintain the website. The budget of theme park website is £40 000 which includes only one time of development, designing and training. For further maintenance or upgrade to website can cost extra pound.

b.     Identifying selection Criteria

Developing a good and secure website in cutting edge world is not easier. We need many sorts of things like domain, storage hosting which should be running 24/7, server, security, secure payment, etc.

Selection criteria are listed below:

·       Domain (Top10 Website hosting, 2018)


·       Storage hosting (Editors, 2018)

  • Himalayan host
  • Blue host
  • Hostgater

·       Server (, 2018)

  • Apache http server
  • Node.js
  • Monkey http server

·       Security (techradar, 2018)

  • Avast
  • Kaspersky
  • Norton

·       Image editor (Creative, 2018)

  • Picmonkey
  • Gimp
  • Snapseed

·       Logo design (Vyond, 2018)

  • Logo maker
  • Laughing bird
  • So think

·       Website building software (TemplateToaster, 2018)

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • mobirise

·       Secure payment (SEJ, 2018)

  • we pay
  • PayPal
  • Amazon

C. Process of selection (Evaluation of selections)

For the selection that we required to build the website for the theme park at London there are some analyzed data in the table ranked properly below:

  • Domain
NamesTransferCustomer SupportPriceDroppingExtra FeaturesTotalRank  34223142nd  35242163rd  1113391st
  • Storage hosting
NamesReliabilityUp timeLoadPriceCustomer SupportTotalRank
Himalayan host14354173rd
Blue host43255192nd
HostGator  52242151st
  • Server
NamesReliabilityPriceCustomer ServicesTotalRank
Apache http server12141st
Monkey http server23493rd
  • Security
NamePricingCustomer SupportReliabilityExtra FeatureTotalRank
Kaspersky  2443132nd
Norton  4244143rd
  • Image editor
Picmonkey  232293rd
Gimp  3431112nd
Snapseed  221271st
  • Logo design
NameUser InterfaceTimePriceExtrasTotalRank
Logo maker131161st
Laughing bird2243113rd
So think  2143102nd
  • Website building software
NamesUser InterfaceCompatibilityFlexibilitySupportPricetotalRank
Adobe Photoshop14243142nd
Adobe Dreamweaver  2122291st
mobirise  42432153rd
  • Secure payment
we pay  334103rd
Amazon  32492nd

D. Statement and detail of solution

Ranking is necessary to be focused at the important required area. I have chosen these following from ranked table.

  • Domain

GoDaddy is best option to choose the domain name. It has its cheapest range of domain and also have some discount on may cost up to £1.99 per year.

  • Storage Hosting

HostGator has reliable hosting services. In £999 for year we can get up to 1 TB storage, and 20 TB bandwidth.

  • Server

Apache Http server is one of the best server in the world right now. It is more dedicated and usually cost minimum amount like £595 year.

  • Security

Security is more important in current world. Avast is more secure and reliable in in world. It is more important to stay secure at £399 per year.

  • Image editor

Snapseed makes us easy for image post processing. Snapseed is an app made by Google and it is quite easier to use. This app has great user interface and is free to use.

  • Logo design

Logo maker is simple software which helps to design a beautiful logo and create a unique design. Software will cost £199 and is one time purchase.

  • Website building software

Adobe Dreamweaver is cool and elegant software. Its user interface is nice to spend an hours of coding. It has predication and it saves a lot of times. Adobe Dreamweaver costs £99 per year.

  • Secure payment

PayPal is one of the secure way for payment which can be used for payment and any types of transition. It is easy to integrate in website and it has real time monitoring. For year it will cost £200 per year

Total Costing might not be to the sum but it may cover up after teaching your 4 members and my hard work and advertising of theme park.


Everything here in this solution of development of website is settled for single year. The solution is made by researching all the possibilities and to give the final output at its best.

Though this website will be made once at high cost I think that it will go high and will worth more than it costing. Costing is made only for single year. After that your staff can also help to maintain website.


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