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Agile Roles & Responsibilities – Vision App Sprint backlog & Storyboard

Introduction Software development skills on the basics of development for which it requires solution and requirement changes via cooperation or any business among cross functional and self-organising teams. Main advantage of Agile development is that it allows teams to create value more quickly, with more adaptability to change and with predictability and higher quality, The […]

Course Work & Dissertation – Academic Writing

Abstract Academic writing is the style and expression of writing in formal manner, in which objective of topic is well maintained and should have factual explanations more than just perspective of writer. Coursework writing has fix structure and is generally easier, since it includes topics, question, modules and feedback from teacher. Coursework and dissertation writing […]

MongoDB : Games Data

Task 1: MongoDB : Game Data 1. Create a database named <> and a collection named <> and insert the above data. 2. What is Map-Reduce? Explain the working of map-reduce with an example 3. Write a reduce function that calculates the total score for each player with the publisher name and count the number […]