Toilet App Prototype


I made a design for an app called Toilet. To make use of the technology this app is designed. I used Balsamiq wireframe to design the mid fidelity of app to know what can be improved in app and its features. Later, using the concept applied to Balsamiq wireframe I designed high fidelity wireframe in Adobe XD. Everything was taken in consideration like App there, fonts, features and community to help people through app. Prototype was made to simulate real app like mobile environment.
Whole purpose of building app is to provide people facility with ease. Modern problem needs modern solution. It removes hassle of asking someone for help.
Here this app provides information of toilet. User of this app can see the location of toilet and know if the toilet is paid or free. This app is also telling if disable has facility in toilet or not.
People can view their timeline and they can also download offline maps as they wish. Main value from this app is that they can get information from this app and also contribute to app which again benefits user.