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In today’s generation, where people are obsessed with street foods that offer myriad of delectable food items that you can’t ever say no to, has made staying healthy a task. Millets are an excellent choice to replace your regular food with. If you’re into healthy eating, chances are your menu includes quinoa. You are probably willing to spend Rs1,000 at the supermarket to buy a kilogram of the nutritious grain. But do you know that the same store stocks millets, which cost less than Rs50 a kilogram and are almost as nutritious as the Western import? “Children learn from their parents. If we eat healthy, they will also learn to eat healthy. However, this doesn’t mean that you give up wheat and rice and start eating millets. “Switching completely to millets is not a good idea. We don’t recommend eating a single grain. You need to mix it up depending on your health. If you are diabetic, for instance, you can have more of ragi instead of rice or wheat. Also, since many urban dwellers are not used to eating millets, suddenly shifting to them is not the best idea, It is easy to include millets in the diet as they are very versatile. We can have millet pancakes for breakfast, millets can be prepared like rice, substituted for potatoes when cooked with gravy, and even make a great addition to bread. Millets also make a great bed for roasted vegetables and stews.