Office Solutions Development: The Health and Energy Centre

You are a self-employed IT contractor and have been approached by the Director of The
Health and Energy Centre to provide advice on the software needed for a new information
system at the centre. The centre has been providing health and fitness classes for
thousands of people for the past twelve years.
The Director has decided that he wants to sell health and fitness goods in addition to
offering health and fitness classes. He is interested in purchasing Project Management
Software to help him achieve a new system. He is also interested in how data mining
software could benefit the centre and he would like advice on application software that
would help advertise the centre’s services and products.


Task 1 – Application software and business processes

a)   Explain the purpose of project management software and discuss, with reference to FOUR (4) examples, FOUR (4) ways that project management software could benefit the Health and Energy Centre.

The software which is used for resource allocation, project scheduling, planning and change management. It helps person to manage budgeting, quality management with cost control on expenses and time management.

  • Risk analyzation and taking measures:

it sees the future hazard and take measures for the issues that may emerge in the coming future.

  • Cost management:

it sees where and how much the measure of money must be contributed in an alternate segment for activity of the venture.

  • Quality management:

it decides and supervise the quality and time for the assignment to be finished.

  • Resource allocation:

it gives legitimate diagram to the client from the information given by the about step by step instructions to apportion the assets in a viable manner

Benefits of the health and energy center in the ways that a project management software is through:

  • Time Management:

for various errand execution the middle can utilize venture the executives programming to oversee time and designate staff as indicated by errand that must be performed.

  • Risk evaluation:

evaluation of the hazard should be possible by the utilization of venture the board programming through which Center can go for broke a few measures for market hazard to avert misfortunes.

  • Task Monitoring:

(measure, assess, right) this product assesses the assignment and take measures to address the mistake. for example, in the event that the item brought for the Center is outdated or will cause hurt in any capacity to the client those items ought to be supplanted with great ones.

  • Budget management:

for the diverse errand and for the pay the executives of the staff which will give legitimate diagram of the interest in various parts.

b)   Discuss how data mining software could benefit the center and support your answer with reference to EIGHT (8) features of data mining software.

  • Perceives client necessity which could be satisfied.
  • It gives legitimate examined information to the Center to expand its business further.
  • It makes decision making on a product that are to be available for customer.
  • It makes work easier by the data which was collected.
  • It makes simpler for promoting through information gathered from client looking for related administrations and items given by the Center.
  • Data mining is useful to anticipate future patterns wellness items and administrations.
  • showcase examination on wellbeing and wellness classes and item offers movement identified with it.
  • It encourages understanding client needs.

c)   Identify FOUR (4) types of application software that could be used to market the services and products offered at The Health and Energy Centre and for FOUR (4) marks explain how each type of software that you have identified could be used to promote the center’s services and products.

The four types of application software are-

  • Enterprise Software:

It manages prerequisite of association and stream of information.

  • Words Processing Software:

The program is utilized for making type papers, letters, word sheets and so forth. Example:  MS word

  • Information employee Software:

 It can handle creation projects and needs in the department. Example- PowerPoint

  • Database Software:

This product stores information that are connected to the project management software. example- MS excel.

Task 2 – End-user development

a)   If staff at the center are involved in developing elements of application software they will need to plan carefully. Outline SEVEN (7) factors that the staff will need to consider when planning end user development.

  • The worker must make the application that is comprise of differ comparable working procedure as the application client have utilized previously.
  • The application must fill in according to the necessity gave by the provider.
  • The application they are making must be maintainable because any moment there can be chances of making modification according to the requirement.
  • The client must have legitimate learning of programming and coding so they could appropriate programming language which will be reasonable for their task.
  • The security arrangement of the application must be made excellent so the information robbery and other hacking stuff isn’t possible.
  • The producer must have confidence to give documentation about the project.
  • Before starting the project in first they have to manage the budget system.


b)   Describe NINE (9) potential problems that the center could face if its end users are involved in developing elements of application software.

  • Staff are not prepared so they can’t set up a legitimate arrangement and estimation to build up the product it isn’t effectively.
  • Staff have not learning of programming and coding so they may set aside a lot of effort to build up the product.
  • Their created Software there may be botch in the total outcome.
  • Programming are does not tried legitimately so it contains numerous blunder and bugs while programming testing time.
  • It may occur errors in financial management.
  • Programming ought to be grown yet its plan probably won’t be all around reported so it is inadequately.
  • Programming were not organization so it can’t keep running on various stages.
  • Programming are does not tried legitimately so it contains numerous mistake and bugs while programming testing time
  • Staff are not trained to develop the software efficiently.

c)   Explain how problems arising from end user development can be avoided. Support your answer with NINE (9) recommendations.

  • There may be poor comprehension between experienced engineer they have to discuss the misconception.
  • User Interface must be made so every client could utilize and effectively get it.
  • The file should be kept safe and the work should be done nicely.
  • It may occur bug in code we have to consult to expert programmer.
  • The testing should be done properly for the future reference.
  • There should be present of validation while doing the program.
  • The user interface must be made easy so all the users can understand.
  • Before making any changes, they have to consult to the excellent programmers.
  • In the documentation there should be explained properly.

Task 3 – Advanced features and functions of Microsoft Word

a)   Create a macro that demonstrates how a word processing feature can be undertaken more efficiently if it includes automation.

  • Initiating macros
Initiating macros
  • Recording the macro and giving style to bold and Italian and underlining the text.
Recording the macro and giving style
  • Start to record macros.
button design and start of macros record.
  • Macro successfully completed by clicking the toolbar and selecting the remaining paragraph .
Macro successfully completed by clicking the toolbar
  • Code of macros
macros function performed.

b)   The Director has asked you to create an additional macro to demonstrate the efficiency of automation in a word-processed document.

Macros name
recording the macros
start initiating name
mail merges- value data placement
mail merges data placement
inputting the data in mail merges
making macros for mail merges
making macros step 5
step 6 of mail merges
Code for macros
Testing macros worked

Task 4 – Advanced features and functions of Microsoft Excel

a)   The Director has requested that you produce an interactive form that facilitates the following:

creating a form in excel
Form created
Form data input
code for application form

b)   You have been asked to add to the interactive form that you have produced for Task 4 You should edit the macro so that the following actions occur:

form with macros level showing message
form with macros level showing buttons
codes of form
message code of form


The health and fitness center have asked for following queries which was solved in this task. Application software and business process with end user development was done. We also have used advanced feature and function of Microsoft word and excel.


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