In today’s world, global warming is one of the main problem. As global warming has led to unpredictable climates so weather stations are being used to observe and analyze the weather patterns to study about the changes in climate and also to provide weather forecasts. So, in this weather station there are different sensors that are being used to measure the environmental parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Pollution and also a monitoring system to analyze these environment parameters.


BMP 180 Pressure Sensor: To evaluate Barometric Pressure or Atmospheric pressure

Dust Sensor: To spot the dust particles.

DHT 11:Temprature and Humidity sensor.

Node MCU: It is an open source firmware

Bread Board :To make connection between components.


Weather station is IOT based device that measures atmospheric conditions like temperature, humidity, dust and pressure of its surrounding. This is created by group of 4 members. The device simply calculates temperature around it, humidity available, dust amount and pressure. And after detecting temperature, humidity, dust amount and pressure, it sends data to user through a mobile application as a notification. The device is created using DHT11 sensor which calculates temperature and humidity, BMP180 sensor which is a pressure sensor, Dust sensor for calculating pollution and NodeMCU. DHT11 sensor us used to sense temperature, humidity, BMP180 sensor calculates pressure, Dust sensor calculates pollution and NodeMCU is for the internet.


To make productive device that finds patterns of atmospheric condition like temperature, humidity, dust and pressure and provide those data to users.


  1. To sense temperature and humidity by using DHT11.
  2. To detect pressure using BMP180.
  3. To detect pollution using Dust Sensor.
  4. To send the calculated atmospheric result to the mobile application of users by using NodeMCU.

Problem Statement

Existing Issues:

  • Before this app the people cannot decide to plan outdoor activities.
  • The people will not have idea about the weather.
  • People who have to plan according to their weather for them it used to diificult without the weather station app.


There is an two image in below, it explains the issues before weather station app. She wants to go out but she can’t because of her health problem and she is unknown about the weather too. So, she used to got out in night, she used to thought that pollution will be less in night comparing to day.

Issues before App



Below there is an images which is explained the scenario of solution. A girl wants to go out but she can’t because of her heath problem and she realized that there is a app(weather station) which shows the level of pollution, temperature, pressure and humidity. The weather was good and she went outside. It made easier to decide Ashika  because of app whether to go out or not.

Solution of Problem

Tools and Technologies Used

S.NTools and TechnologiesFunctionLinks
1.Story BoardTo make scenario of the project.
2.Tinker CardTo show how devices are connected with eachother .
3.ArdruinoIt is used for coding programming.


Flowchart of the system

A flowchart is the step by step representation of how the system will perform and work. Flowchart helps to learn the working mechanism of simple to complex system. This is the flowchart that we developed to illustrate the process that our project go through during its developmental stage.


Devices used

Device Used
  1. DHT11 sensor
  2. BMP180 sensor
  3. NodeMCU
  4. Dust sensor
  5. Bread Board
  6. Jumper Wires

Hardware And Software Requirement

  1. BMP 180 Pressure Sensor

BMP 180 Pressure Sensor is a high precision sensor that is aimed for the consumer applications. This sensor is used to measure the Atmospheric pressure as well as Barometric pressure. And this sensor also works on the base of the weight of the air.

Pressure Sensor
  1. Dust Sensor

Dust Sensor is also one the smart sensor that is very useful in detecting the tiny particles such as cigarette smoke as well as it can differentiate tiny particles like smoke from big house dust from the pulse pattern of signal output.

Dust Sensor
  1. DHT 11 Sensor

DHT 11 is one of the commonly used temperature and humidity sensor. As the sensor has a dedicated NTC that is used to measure the temperature and also an 8-bit microcontroller to display the values of temperature and humidity in the serial data. Similarly, the sensor is also factory calibrated which makes it convenient to interface with other microcontrollers.

DHT11 Sensor
  1. NodeMCU

NodeMCU is an open source platform of IoT and firmware in which open source prototyping designs of the board are available. Similarly, the Lua scripting language is being used by the firmware where the firmware is also based on the project eLua and manufactured on the Espressif Non-OS SDK for ESP8266.

Node MCU
  • USB Cable for NodeMCU

USB Cable micro Type B is basically being used to connect the NodeMCU with the port of a computer. It is almost 1 feet.

USB Cable for NodeMCU
  • Jumper Wires

A jumper wire is known as an electric wire or collection of them in a cable with a connector or pin at each end. They are normally used to interconnect the components of a breadboard as well as of the other prototypes. Basically, there are three types of jumper wires which are M-M, F-M, F-F.

Jumper Wire
  • Arduino IDE

It is an open source software that is used for writing the code (sketch). Similarly, it should be properly installed and completely set up for the execution of the written code.

Arduino IDE

Working Methodology


Weather station is an IOT device built using DHT11 sensor, BMP 180 sensor, NodeMCU, Dust sensor, Bread Board and Jumper Wires. When the device is kept in any environment, DHT11 sensor detects the temperature and humidity, BMP 180 sensor detects pressure and Dust Sensor detects the pollution. These data are sent to firebase using NodeMCU. Then, NodeMCU sends the data to Android App that we have built using Java language. And, in the app we can see the current temperature, humidity, pressure, and pollution of that environment.

Block Diagram

Complete Procedure of Project Implementation(Build)

As all components are explained above in details and Arduino is also installed in laptop.

  1. Breadboard with DustSensor

Connecting the Breadboard of E,-1|D.9 and D,17  with Dust Sensor of Yellow, Red ,Black wire respectively .

BreadboardDust Sensor
Breadboard with DustSensor

 2.  Pressure Sensor with NodeMCU

Connected VLN to 3V3 ,GND to GND,SCL to  digital pin 01 and SDA to digital  pin 02.

Pressure SensorNode MCU
Pressure Sensor with NodeMCU

3.DH11 with NodeMCU

Connect  DH11 with NodeMCU.

DH11 with NodeMCU

Simple Procedure


Final Circuit Diagrams and Designs

A circuit diagram is a graphical illustration of electrical circuit. The following diagram is the final circuit diagram of weather station. It shows the wire connection and sensors being used.

Final Diagrams

Implementation-The Sketch

Arduino is free available software in which we write code after writing the code we most upload.In other word we can that it is used as to write the code. The environment is written in Java and based on Processing and other open-source software.


Some screenshots of the code how weather station works are attached below:

Code of added Pressure sensor
Code of sensor update
Code of adding dust sensor
Code of adding pollution sensor
Code of sensor updating
Graph showing level of temprature ,pressure,pollution and humidity
Real time database

Project Result


In the above picture, data is displayed on serial monitor. As execution of the weather station project displays the output of environmental variable such as temperature, humidity, pressure and dust density.

Similarly, the video below displays all the procedure along with its testing:


System used in other application

Weather station has its application on different areas. For example:

  1. Forest area can use weather station to keep update with the atmospheric condition in the forest to preserve and conserve the plants and wildlife as well.
For Forest
  • For airport, it is important to access the weather station time and often because weather plays huge role in aviation. Thus, airport can use weather station to be updated anytime.
For Airport
  • To research on weather itself or build a technology that makes the best out of the weather, weather station is a must.
To build Technology

These are some of the few application of weather station in the world.

Advantages of the proposed system

There are various advantages in using the weather station as they are mentioned below:

  • Exact measurement of the current weather conditions of a particular location and surroundings.
  • Helps in observing and analyzing the weather patterns.
  • Helps in predicting the future weather forecast.
  • Simple to understand and easy to use.

Disadvantages of the proposed system

The disadvantages of this proposed system are mentioned below:

  • It is expensive to screen various variables from various sources.
  • Sometimes it is extremely difficult to forecast correctly due to the unpredictable climate changes.
  • The computers requires to perform the millions of calculations which are expensive.
  • If the weather is different from the forecast then weather forecasters can also get blamed.


 Similarly, we went through different problems and difficulties while completing this project.

1NodeMCU was not working properly.NodeMCU was found damaged.Damaged NodeMCU was replaced by the new NodeMCU.
2Serial monitor was not displaying the results though IDE was working properly.There was no selection in the board.Selected the ESP8266 boards.
3Environmental parameters were not being displayed.Error of code.Code was corrected.
4Dust Sensor was not working properly.Jumper wires were connected loose.Jumper wires were connected properly before the implementation.

So this were the different problems and difficulties while doing the weather station project.

Future Works

For the more development of the weather station, following ideas are considered as future works:

  • To add a new sensor for the implementation of detecting the rain.
  • To provide personal weather stations at a reasonable price as it will be portable.
  • To make a portable weather station at lower price.


Overall, a model of weather station is completed. During the process of completion of weather station we got to work with various sensors to measure the environmental parameters and knowing  it’s principle of working along with its usability testing.  Similarly, while doing this weather station project we came to know about the significance of IoT technology in the daily life and the accessibility it has offered us to make our life convenient.

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